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I have an interesting idea. Anyone wish to help?


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I want to make a very small piece of css about the site of the submit topic button, that has an icon,color,text. <--- pretty easy. But i also want to tie it to a number value. The css should change depending on the number value. So if value is between a and b show code 1 - If value is between b and c show code 2 etc. With an option for clicking a button on it, or within a thread to increase the number value. And then have it reset daily.

^^ The reason for this would be to create a kind of alert system based on the collective emotion of my forum members, So if i made the button on topic to a genre, for example end of the world genre. The userbase could discuss the content and when end of the world news comes out they can press the panic button etc. Raising the alert level.

I thought this would be really cool and it has a few applications but im not sure how best to go around making this is IPS4. Anyone wish to help or point me in the right direction.

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