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How to include jQuery script on Page Display Record Template


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I need to add keyframes to CSS dynamically, so I will need to insert a script to database record display template.

The jQuery library is available on database record display template?

In my case, can I simple add this example script to the end of the template code to dynamically insert the css statement?

var supportedFlag = $.keyframe.isSupported();
    name: 'trapdoor-sequence',
    '0%': {'height': '70px'},
    '30%': {'height': '10px'},
    '60%': {'height': '30px'},
    '100%': {'height': '10px'}




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I have done a quick test with:

  $("body").append("random sentence");});

Not working...


Where did you add it? jQuery should be loaded as a window element so should be available throughout the framework.

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Hello @Jim M,

Let me explain better. I am just parsing the script code above anywhere in the record display template of the database (Pages > Templates > HTML > Database Templates > Display > record). It doesn't work.

I supose that to load as a window element I have to create a javascript file with the code (Pages > Templates > JS > Page JS > JS > teste_name.js), right?

I have done that, but could not find any documentation on how to include this javascript file in the display record template.

I also have not found any documantation on how to add variables to the script that should be dynamically inserted on each record display.

Could you help? Thanks!

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