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Database attachments post-conversion


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Playing with a 'practice' 348 → 409 conversion and wondering how to reconstruct databases that used a lot of attachments. So far as I know I did not create many (if any) custom blocks or templates and mostly just used ip.content in the simplest possible ways -- typically a wrapper page with a single reference to pull in the relevant database.

So far I've been deleting the existing ".html"  pages (to disassociate the db from the page) and creating a new Page Builder page, then adding a database block and selecting the relevant db.  The formatting of them is nightmarish, but the worst thing is I can't seem to access any of the attachments that were included. 

I see that the attachments field is now an Uploads field but not sure exactly how to construct the display option to allow the item to be either displayed or downloaded (they are typically a mix of pdfs and images).

The ip.content link to a displayed attachment was of the form 


while $value in custom display now returns


I've tried wrapping  a link around it and so on, but no joy.  Even directly pasting in the URL leads to a  2T187/2 could-not-find error.

I'm pretty sure this has been covered before, but I'm going cross-eyed looking at the hash my databases all appear to be (most, but not all for some reason of my title field content is wrapped in <p> tags for instance) etc. and can't find much. I found a bug that was closed that said attachments should now all be converted. So I'm thinking I'm stuck on whatever it means to "rebuild templates and blocks." Even some search keywords from previous topics might help me find relevant "cleanup" instructions. 

There's a lot to like about v4 but this looks to be a hump to get over. I wish I hadn't gone crazy making so many databases on several 34x boards.

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