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Mailchimp by IPS Themes

Tom Christian

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Hey there Tom,


Sorry but i have read your documentation and I don't really understand what I have to do once I have added the API key? there seems to be a shortfall of information for people that don't have a full understanding of this sort of thing?

Add your API key, click save. Re-open the settings and configure it to your needs.

If you see a blank page or had an error of some sort, make sure you correctly uploaded the files included. (see readme.html).

Let me know if that helps or not :)

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Thank you,

Am i not able to import all my members email addresses into my mail chimp account from this? If so i don't see the option to do that?


No, that's not a feature of this. I don't think I've said anywhere that this was included? (It is a feature I want to add though...I've had a few people asking the same).

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