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Posting via an iPad - extremely frustrating experience

The Old Man

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For Admins and Members currently posting and spending time trying to compose forum articles using IPS4 via an iPad, the user experience is sadly often, well, often agonising.

Reading content works well enough, but when you come to try an compose content, the wheel well and truly comes off.

I understand that issues with the text editor such as capitalisation or rather the lack of it when starting a new line of text have been put firmly down as waiting to be fixed by CKEditor, but something really needs to be done about it! It's so annoying having to delete a whol word just to be able to get a capital to appear.

When I click on the option to reply to a topic, I don't expect to have to try a few times before it actually responds and shows me a cursor, or to find I'm suddenly taken to the forum that topic resides is in. Or suddenly whisked off to a completely random topic elsewhere on the site and I've absolutely no idea why because there was no link to it anywhere at the time!

Similary, when trying to compose a news article, and this is my real concern, why is it that there is no way to scroll the text up so I can see what I'm typing; where are the necessary scroll bars?!

Why can't I paste multiple times into the paste as plain text option and see the bottom of the content that I've just pasted so I can place the cursor where I want to continue typing?

why can't I see a setting to always set the editor to paste as plain text when using an iPad?

why can't I add a link to a forum post without it filling the whole editor and I have no way to scroll down to the bottom of the content?

sorry about the frustration but it's so time consuming and fiddly when you need to post some news on your website and you have to start trying to use other applications to compose and copy paste content into, so you can eventually paste it into IPS4's text editor and hit save. The purpose of the editor is to be able to compose your content via a WYSYWIG interface so you shouldn't need to find another app to do it.

thanks for your time.



why can't I 



See I've mysteriously ended up with half a sentence that I can't scroll down to remove when I edit the post!

heres an image showing that post with no scrollbars, trying to move the content up with your finger simply doesn't work either. I have scroll the whole page instead which doesn't fix the issue.



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