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Missing features after upgrade

Trevor Carey

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Hello all,

I appear to be missing some features after upgrade. Either they were 3rd party add ons, or I can't seem to find the features in AdminCP.

- Users Online today
- Users Online now

- Ad code intergration

- Forum stats (total posts, total topics, totals users, newest user, record users online)

If any of the above are 3rd party addons, where abouts can i find them for 4.0?

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If you click on the little arrow indicator on the left side of the page it will open the Block Manager.

from there you and drag and drop Blocks such as Who Is Browsing or Online, Forum Statistics.

There is an Advert section under AdminCP > System > Site Promotion.

Members Online Today was a mod for V3.

It looks like V4 is here!






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Thank you but the problem was not about where is this little arrow but how to get it ?

I found yesterday that if you don't have it you need to go to : MEMBERS/Moderators/ and then edit your profile to enable "Can manage sidebar" :


Thank you for you anwser ;)

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