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[4.0.9.x] Viewing database entry without permission verbiage and error code

The Honor Empire

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The error message is misleading when attempting to view a database entry when viewing permissions are disabled for guest user group (I did not try with a user group that is logged in without viewing permissions). It also generates an error code depsite the fact that the item exists when the user should be notified with an access denied message. This results in an email being sent and an error being stored in the logs.

The title of the page displays:


Sorry, you do not have permission for that!

The content of the body displays:


Sorry, there is a problem
We could not locate the item you are trying to view.
Error code: 3T252/2

The error message should say “access denied” or similar rather than saying the content does not exist as this is misleading and does not prompt the user to log-in or register.

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