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custom.css not affecting the AdminCP anymore


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@Lindy said to start a new feedback thread, so here we are. It's based on this bug report: https://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/409-customcss-does-not-affect-the-admincp-anymore-r6779/

Apparently since 4.0.9, the custom.css file doesn't affect the AdminCP anymore, thus the only way to change something in the AdminCP, such as the background-color of the header, is to modify the default template/CSS files or make a new theme. This makes it so much more complicated than it had to be.

Besides, I am not wanting to touch any files besides custom.css to avoid having to update modified files in the future.

Please let us target the AdminCP through the custom.css file again, or make a new custom_admin.css file or something like that.

Amongst other things, I was using this to make the AdminCPs of my different installations look slightly different (header colour, etc.) so I could instantly differentiate them.

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This was a tough one for me. I spent many hours making ACP's for all my themes. As it stands now I would need to

  • Remove all css from my original Skinz
  • Take very large amounts of time to make new ACP's for all Skinz
  • Edit and maintain directly edited files in the new acp skinz - the whole idea behind my themes was to utilize the cool new custom.css for everything.

On top of this, let's say I had 30 themes in my dev site acp, that would now increase to 60. Some have more themes than I. Just a lot to look at there and lot's of scrolling every-time you need to edit something possibly. I know designers are not in the majority for what's stored theme wise in the acp, it still puts a larger burden on us however.

IMO we need a custom.css at minimum to keep us out of editing as many files as possible. Having basically 2 themes per theme will take up some real-estate in the acp, I could live with that if need be as long as I could stay away from editing and maintaining individual css/templates. I would personally like to see this go back to the way it was using one file. As of now, I did mention to my Skinz clients I would not be adding a acp theme back in for a bit and possibly not at all. We have changes still taking place due to the maturity of the software possibly and I understand that, I just can't put the large amount of time required into doing this and have changes again possibly. In hopes we get something figured.


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