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    • By Varanormal
      I have several questions:
      1. How do I integrate Mailchimp into hosted IPS??
      2. On hosted IPS are there any options for Newsletter signup similar to monsterpopup? (Popup screen to register)
      If I understand correctly only forum members can sign up to ips Newsletter. If true that nixes built in Newsletter for me.
    • By 403 - Forbiddeen
      Improve your SEO Tags. Clubs, Forums, Downloads, etc of your forums, create and edit titles easily, just adding a simple code on the plugin and see your website be better indexed on the search mechanisms.


      To get a better experience go to your main Language, search for the key "search_blurb_tag" change "Showing results for tags %s" for just "%s" like image bellow

      If you want to add more "Affected URLs" add how many you want but always put "/tags/" on the bottom, like the image bellow

      See now how it works, i search on my forum for IPS (https://example.com/tags/ips), and it will show this:

      Special credits for @A Zayed for create this custom plug-in to our forum and allow us to sell it.

    • By Anthony Cameron
      Hello, the save changes button does nothing when you click on it after making changes.
      If you click on it before making changes a message pops up saying you haven't made any changes, so it seems as soon as I make changes it stops working.
    • By Maxxius
      Probably the biggest advancement in Single Sign In seems to me to be the ability for everyone who are logged in to their Google accounts is to display the Use FORUM NAME with Google popup - as Reddit and Pinterest do. @Jordan Invision @Matt

    • By SC36DC
      I just purchased your Easy Popup, Slider Maker, Featured Content Pro apps. First off, I really appreciate the sale prices, and I also appreciate the YouTube videos you've added showing off how to use and set up the apps, this really does help a lot. I wish more devs did this.  I look forward to using them all.
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