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[IP.Gallery] Tools

Joel R

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Suggestion for tools for IP.Gallery:

  • Regenerate all variations of thumbnails / resizings in specific album or category.  (Current tool applies to ALL attachments.  To be frank, I have over 20,000 images in my IP.Gallery plus an unknown amount in IP.Board, and I don't have time to wait for ALL images to be redone.)  
  • Recache specific album or category
  • Remove orphaned files from specific album or category that's no longer being used

On another note, I actually question if the existing "Remove orphaned files" tool in Files > Attachments works IF the files are stored in AWS.  I know for a fact there are thousands of wasted or unnecessary files in my AWS account (due to uploading errors in IP.Gallery), but every time I've run the tool it always states there's nothing more to run.  So either the tool is so efficient and fast, which I doubt because I've seen first-hand files that I've re-uploaded four times and they all exist in my AWS directory, or it's not culling through AWS.   

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