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Pages: Allow secondary ordering when records are grouped together by field value


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One of my Pages databases is used for keeping track of our workload and contains fields which declare whether a record is open or closed.

I've customised it slightly so that if a field is set to closed, then the formatting changes, allowing my colleagues to distinguish much more easily what the current state of play is.


However, I've received a request to change things slightly so that the open and closed tasks are separated. I've done this by ordering by status but it's had an unfortunate repercussion; the ordering within those fields has defaulted to "ascending by id number" (I presume) with no means of me amending it. So I'm stuck without flexible ordering; my records are grouped together and then by default ordered in a way that I wouldn't like but can't change.

What I'd like to have is my original set-up but within those fields, so:

- Cases with the field value open

    - - Ordered with latest comments or records at the top

- Cases with the field value closed

    - - Ordered with latest comments or records at the top

Do you think it might be possible in some future instance to incorporate some sort of secondary ordering for those instances in which records are first grouped by some sort of field value rather than particularly ordered? Thanks!


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