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Hi guys,

as this is kind of urgent for our community and support is really, really slow atm (opened ticket 3 days ago) I would like to ask you for assistance! 

Our Website is using pages for game related news about Crowfall (upcoming MMO but doesn't matter). This database is broken in some weird way. We can add entries (articles) via ACP, we see those posts on the front page and have access to the post itself. So far so good, no the bad part:

All other database related links like category view, pagination, rss feeds, or even the create a new entry via the FronPage is broken displaying the following error: 

Sorry, there is a problem

Cannot find the page you requested

Error code: 2T187/2

I don't know what happened as we did not change a single config. We just upgraded to the newest IPS a few days ago. Can't say if the error is coming with the update.

Funny sidefact.. All other databases (we got two more) are working fine. We can add new objects and even browse them.


Thank you in advance!

Edit: I just tried disabling FURL, which allows us to click the links for category, pagnation etc. but I am actually not getting forwarded, instead I am landing on the front page again. But the error message is gone..

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In menu "Community-TeamSpeak Server" your link is

and does not work.

Such Internet Protocol


I think not:unsure:

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Ehm, that works fine if you have installed "TeamSpeak 3" which most PC Gamer have. And that's not the problem I was talking about.

My problem just refers to the front page (News Section) with the mention links.

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