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Autodetect language


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There's a flaw in the design that locale and language pack are tied together and it's the autodetected browser locale that is compared to the language pack locale. So if you want the locales of UK, USA, Australia in Canda to all detect as English, you have to have 4 copies of the English pack.

For the auto detection to work all these need to be true:

  • Language pack locale and browser locale match
  • User has not manually selected a language. Check in the ACP on the member that language is set to "auto detect".

To put all members back into auto-detect mode you have to select the language pack that is set as the default and click "Set as Members' language" which seems to put everyone back into autodetect mode rather than hard coding that language.

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But it work for guests? Because my IP Address Tool is showing my right location, the language is set to auto detect and I still seeing the forum in english language:



My IP Tools is showing that my IP is from Brazil, and it is matching with the language pack locale, but still showing the english language.

My preferences:


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Let me check. I've got my board setup for USA default, but I also added a UK pack for me in the UK. It's working as a member, but let me try as a guest.

Edit: Yes, it worked as a guest, I got the UK language selected.  Are you sure your language pack locale and browser locale match?

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i submitted support tickets about this and still waiting for replay 

one of my sites run in arabic language so i set it as the default language and i did hide the english language since i don't want to use it in front end at all 

so if any one visited my site from safari they see the website in english even if it's hidden and only available to administrator account only

but if they visit the site with chrome or firefox the site will be in arabic the correct language that i want my users use to browse my site 


hopefully they fix it soon

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