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I would really appreciate it if there was a way to have blocks getting variables from the pages they are implemented on (at least some sort of option when creating the block) because I have a thing on my site in the Calendar where we hold contests to have people display their site's image in the calendar (sort of like a standard calendar) and I can tell you already that this is going to be a very lengthy code as the years go on and my calendar will be hating it eventually...

Basically what I had done before was I created a custom HTML block that used the variables from the calendar to determine that it's the correct month (and year) to display the image that is presented. Now I'm having to hard code it in because the block I created (with the identical code that is working in the template itself) it shows nothing. I also can't print the page variables from my block which means it doesn't share them.

If I had this back, or at least a way to get the block to see the variables within the page than the really easy part is than I create my blocks and just implement the block into the calendar template instead of massive amounts of code.

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