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Product expiry without renewal enabled

Louis C

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:ph34r: Hi there,

I'd like to be able to make a product expire after X amount of time without automatic renewal enabled by default.

At the moment, customers can purchase a product that expires after X amount of time but they're automatically opted-in for renewal and they have to specifically cancel it. I don't want my customers to have to do this. I'd like them to be able to purchase the product and have the expiry reminders prior to the expiry giving them the choice to go and renew it... not the choice of having to go in to their account and cancel it.

My only options at the moment are to have auto-renewal enabled by default and customers opt out, or have a product with no expiry time and I have to go through manually and KO them when I want them to expire (which sucks because there's no expiry warning emails, etc.).

Thanks :huggles:

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I had a custom script in v3.x that allowed me to do this but after upgrading I hoped this would now be an option.  But of course, no.  I'm really tempted now to pull this part of my site out of Invision's software into a Wordpress CMS so I can get a decent plug-in that'll allow me to do this in addition to TRIAL PERIODS!!  Very surprised that feature is not built in yet.

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