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Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

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2 minutes ago, Makoto said:

I haven't attempted any migrations from AT&P on 4.5, but I'm happy to try if you'd like.


Let's try once I am done with the upgrade. 

2 minutes ago, Makoto said:

The alternative is you can simply uninstall AT&P entirely, install Radical Tags and set up your tag customizations and such from scratch again. If you don't have a ton of tags to process, this might be easiest.


That is not an option. 😞 I got tons of section on forum which reply on prefixes. 10 years data would be pain to loose and reconfigure. 


I wish IPS would show - xx addons - not supported or no update available before the update starts. Would make life easier, rather then improving admin CP addon installation. 

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It's important to note that all these applications really do is customize the way prefixes display - if you uninstall AT&P, you won't actually lose any of your prefixes, just the custom formatting applied to them.

You can then install Radical Tags and customize them back to just how they were before if you'd like.

Prefixes are a core feature of IPS, so even without either of these applications enabled they will still be there, just in the default IPS format. Once you enable the application again, the customizations go right back.

So if that's your only concern it's definitely not something you have to worry about, but I can help either way whatever you decide!

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45 minutes ago, Iwooo said:

Is there a way no to use prefix in H1 tag in this application? Now it adds prefix on beginining of h1 tag in html.

Or maybe it is possible in yours @Makoto? Thanks for any information

Can you elaborate on what you are after specifically? Are you trying to use prefixes, but keep them invisible (I'm not sure why you would want to do this, so please elaborate why if so!), or do you want the prefixes to be displayed somewhere else?

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@Makoto I will try to be clearer. I would like prefixes visible on board but I do not want to include them in h1 tag for SEO reasons. I would like for SEO only part after prefix - actual title of topic.

Now it's in h1 and google sees it as "prefix some topic title" 

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What's the best way to migrate these from Advanced Custom Tags to Radial Tags?

I have over 100 customized tags currently and manually migrating the styling will be a pain 🙂

If I must do manually can I leave Advanced Custom Tags enabled, install Radical Tags and enable, then work on copying over the styles?  Or do I need to disable Advanced Custom Tags.

Just don't want to lose any tags/styling etc.. by doing this process incorrectly.

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