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Commerce - Limiting single package purchase

Travis Armstrong

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When setting a product to allow a single purchase only, instead of blocking access to viewing the details of the package, wouldn't it be better to still show the details, but show a message regarding already owning the package and disable the add to cart button? This way they are still able to easily reference what they purchased without going into the Billing and Purchases area.

Additionally there seems to be several issues with product information display when viewing past purchases in the Billing and Purchases area:

On the main Orders -> View Details page it only lists the title of the package, not any of the information in the original product description or the information entered for the 'Client Area Settings' portion of the product. You have to go to Manage Purchases then click Manage to see this information. This is too many steps for a user and would result in increased support tickets and product returns due to lack of helpful information being displayed to the customer.

The "Get Support" button displayed via Manage Purchases -> Manage should be displayed on the main Orders page as well. There is no need to hide this information multiple clicks away like the above, make it easy for the customer to get assistance to prevent returns.

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