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Visibility of Guest posts requiring approval


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Today we had a guest posting on site and I received an email advising me of such. However when logging on and visiting the site there was nothing showing under New Content and nothing indicating a post required approval.

The only way of finding the post to approve it was to use the link in the email.


If there any way to give greater visibility to posts which require moderation?

The other question is who are such emails sent to? Is it only myself as site Administrator or does it include the other staff members?

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Right, but if a Mod does not look at the ModCP (and why should they), and they don't look at the forums (most of us go straight to New Content) then none of those indicators are visible at all. What is needed is either a Notification to be popped up, or that the posts be shown to Moderators as part of New Content. They have the permissions to see such posts so it should be in New Content as it is new content visible to them.

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