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4.0 Developer Mode not Enabled

Ken Owyang

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I  have a working test install of v4.0.7. However, after following the instructions here and restarting apache:


However, from looking at the Plugins screen  it appears the application is not in developer mode. (It just says Install new plugin) There are no errors in the logs.


More detail:

I have constants.php under admin/install with:
define ('IN_DEV', TRUE);


And I installed the files from the zip over the existing install in applications and dev respectively in the IPS folder:

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So I put that there under where conf_global.php and init.php is the issue is that it broke the admin panel and the IPS app.

This is constants.php now:

   define ('IN_DEV', TRUE);

This is what my admin panel looks like: [forums-admin-error.png].

This is what the forums look like: [forums-main-error.png]






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