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Should this be fixed or atleast made as an option-able widget?  

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Hey Team, I feel that its quite redundant to have the home page of your store display a un-removable widget that displays commerce categories off to the right of your store when right on the centre of it all still on the home page, it displays your categories followed with a picture (this can be seen in picture 1 below). However it is quite handy and necessary to have it when browsing categories (this can be seen in picture 2 below). Please fix this on the next update!

Picture 1:


Picture 2:


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10 hours ago, Cyboman said:

I also don't like the IPS storefront very much. Do you have examples for your plugin? Thx

I am just listing all products by group which looks like this then: http://img03.imgland.net/kI-Zbtb.png

I don't offer this plugin in the marketplace yet, and I have also reported a bug with the store here, but the developers haven't taken care of it yet: https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/436507-nexus-grouphaspackages-permission-check/ . This actually may affect your current store too.

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