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[4.0.7]Incorrect csrfKey Guests when changing languages.


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This issue is probably just in my installation.I do not find in other forums. So here, not a bug report.

Guests in my website when changing language receive an error page.


Despite this message, the language is changed. If guests continue menu - everything works.

Registered users no problem.

I did a lot of tests. Only browser Opera visible link on incorrect crsfKey.


When I recache browser (Ctrl+F5) - csrfKey other and change the language is no problem.

After reloading the page, this is incorrect csrfKey dump again.

This happens when tested by at least 5 browser.

Where can I find this recorded csrfKey to remove it?

PP. I did something else - in database erased all sessions with my IP.
There is no difference - the problem continues.










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