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Help setting the Security functions available in AdminCP


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So in the AdminCP>System<Security

There are a few things to enable or address.

Should I enable the two suggested settings now, even though I'm not done editing the website?

I contacted my hosting company about the PHP elements suggested and they responded with this:

Disable Dangerous PHP Functions

Unfortunately I have no way to disable specific php functions, there is however mod_security rules in place to help 
protect against vulnerabilities that may happen for some of all of those cases. 


Is this an acceptable answer for dealing with these particular security issues of the software?


Disable Public Display of PHP Errors:
Yes, that may be disabled, however it would hinder in troubleshooting of the site. Did you still wish to disable that? 
The software would be difficult to troubleshoot without displaying errors. 

So is this something I want to do once my site is completely setup and done being edited then and goes live?

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