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Hi there,

My videos app is working great and I'm really happy with everything apart from the size of the thumbnail created in the discussion topic?

The thumbnail size of the video app is fine
The thumbnail size in the discussion topic is tiny - I'd like it to fill the width of the post - is this possible?

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We use this mainly for uploaded video and it is unfortunate that it doesn't automatically create a thumbnail for the video using a screenncap.  That said is there a way to disable the option to upload a media poster?  Most of our users think that is a thumbnail and are constantly uploading thumbnails to media posters which makes the admins have to go back and create them.

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Couple of things having installed, used, and really liking this plug in

1) All my posts made in forums automatically are made by random members and not the member I designated in the admin CP? That causes great confusion as members post 'I didn't post that!' etc

2) It would be great for an embed in forums instead of a thumbnail

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On 10/28/2020 at 6:10 AM, HDiddy said:

That said is there a way to disable the option to upload a media poster?

If there is no setting, just edit the template.

7 hours ago, Sheffielder said:

All my posts made in forums automatically are made by random members and not the member I designated in the admin CP

Reminds me of this bug ...


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@Michael.J: Can you please add a way for imports to bypass the topic creation, meaning that we can disable them from being created.

If a topic hasn't been generated, via the video page - could it be generated by someone with moderation powers?

I plan to import videos from the community and, it would mean loads of discussions are automatically generated. Some will be pointless, so disabling it would be wise but at least I can click to generate a discussion from the front if I so wish.

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i upgraded to 4.5 and i tried to upgrade Videos app but impossible to find the manual files to upload manually

can you tell me where i can find the file ?

on marketplace it tells to go to admincp but on marketplace tab on admincp it tells me "you already have an video application so unistall if first if you want to install a new one"

do i need a devfuse account ? 

thanks for your help

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43 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

In your applications listing, is the Videos app shown as 'Custom' or 'Marketplace'?

Hi @Nathan Explosion


it is shown as "Marketplace"


then when i click on it i can see the video app page and a button "install update" and when i click on it i have an error message "Sorry, something went wrong"

looks like the automatic update doesnt work, i have version 3.4.1 right now

is there a way to update manually ?


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If you are trying to install an update, and it is failing, then log a ticket with IPS support as they can tell you why it's failing.

I'll throw a "possible" out to you - are you up to date on the renewals of the application? It's a yearly renewal, v3.4.1 was released in January...possible that you last renewed over a year ago?

Edited by Nathan Explosion
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Just now, Durango said:

what do you mean by "as you didn't link it to the Marketplace after the IPS 4.5 upgrade"

After an IPS 4.5 upgrade, there is a Marketplace onboarding process where you can link your installed apps/plugins to their entries on the Marketplace.

I'm out now - not my application, just trying to help out. Still advise you to log a ticket with IPS regarding your main issue.

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I've been a longtime user of Videos. And the renewal price is $20 per year. But when I go to renew it, I only get the option to buy it again at $45 per year.

I tried accessing it in the IP marketplace with both Chrome and browsers thinking that might make a difference, but I'm still not given the opportunity to renew at the renewal price.

How can I renew videos at the renewal price again?

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On 9/14/2020 at 9:31 PM, theipsguy said:

Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure how complicated the features I mentioned are, but I'd be interested in financially contributing to their development if you were open to it once the craziness of the 4.5 update is over with? (either as a separate application or for this application if you were happy to expand its features to be more friendly to uploaded videos).

I can take a look at this when I have fully upgraded all my apps and plugins.

On 10/2/2020 at 2:44 PM, ibaker said:

Just curious...If you add a link to a YouTube video in Videos and a user plays it, I know the data streaming counts towards the user's ISP data capacity but does it also count to your server's download data capacity or is it YouTube's data capacity?

Obviously confirm with your host but the content is hosted by YouTube and should count towards their bandwidth.

On 10/9/2020 at 8:10 PM, yameth said:

How can I add Facebook videos on media sites?

Facebook videos should be supported already because IPB supports them. Do you have an example video that is not working?

On 10/13/2020 at 3:16 PM, ibaker said:

This issue has been reported many times over the years and it hasn't been fixed...You can't move videos by clicking them and selecting Move...when you do it comes up like this:

I can't reproduce this. Have you tried with the default theme? Any template changes in the Videos app that need reverting?

On 10/13/2020 at 5:02 PM, ibaker said:

I have also noticed that when adding a video now it doesn't populate the description field any more...this is a MAJOR need and really the only reason why I like this addon compared to creating a Pages version...PLEASE can you fix!!!

The quick add or when you manually add a video?

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