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Amazing Job

Ahmad E.

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I've been playing around with IPS4 since the second or third beta was released, it is an awesome product.
It may still have some minor bugs but the overall experience compensate everything :)
I've upgraded my live community 10hours ago, there were no issue in the process of upgrading or setting everything up.

I didn't get any negative feedback from my members yet, everyone loves the upgrade, so do I :)
I'm sure that you'll even top that with the next releases, no doubt.

From a (newbie) developer perspective:

It really is so much easier to develop things for 4.x than on 3.x, there are still some things to do here and there (things that have been mentioned already) but overall experience is awesome.

So all in all, my community and I want to thank the IPS Team for the great product, can't wait for the upcoming releases :)

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