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Please add a direct bank debit gateway (Gocardless, SlimPay, Payzen)


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Dear IPS developers and community,

despite the quality of the IPS script no provided payment gateway allows cheap direct bank debit.

In order to charge recurring subscriptions the direct bank debit is the easiest payment method, the most common one in Europe, the cheapest and the safest one too (european standard is "SEPA Direct Debit", "SDD"). The best SDD provider today seems to be Gocardless, but there are also SlimPay and Payzen.

So, would it be possible for you to add the Gocardless gateway in IP_Nexus in a very near future IPS release?

Or would it be possible for someone to develop the necessary files to add Gocardless payment gateway into IPS ?

If nécessary I could pay or donate little fees for it if it was well coded: IPS should securely synchronizes with Gocardless to continuously identify accepted and rejected payments, automaticaly generate bills, and be able to manage refunds, suspension or modification of payment orders (amounts, dates...), etc.

Most of other e-commerce scripts already allow this: PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce...
And some of the SAAS providers too: Zuora (with Gocardless), LicenceToBill (with SlimPay), etc.

By default, the list of payment gateways integrated into IPS is very too small.

I'm sure many of IPS users would be happy to use direct bank debit gateways like GoCardless or Slimpay/Payzen.

Thank you.


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