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In my website I have a page that shows the last 10 private messages of the user. At the end of the list I would like to place a link "See all your pm" to the IPS messenger. My question is if it is possible to link directly to the pm's list because in the mobile view, when you go to the ips messenger it is not so easy to see all your private messages. In the mobile view you need to follow these steps to see the list:



It is not just because the user need to make some extra steps, it is because I already have some members in my forum they are asking where are these pm. Because they go to the messenger tab and they see nothing, not all of them realise that they can clic the arrow to see more options (My conversations, new, drafts)

So it is possible to have a direct link to the third image? Right now when you click in My Conversations you get the same link http://community.invisionpower.com/messenger/ so it is javacript. The other option will be to show by default the complete list of pm when you enter in messenger. Thanks

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