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Undeleting member's post.

Cach Doan

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A post of a topic is being deleted by a member, and now she ask me to undelete it. Is this even possible?

the topic is still there. Only the post is deleted. If it's possible, can you show me how ?

​Now, i have not checked the database myself on how to do this, but i assume that they use soft deletes, and not hard ones? 
Anyone else know if that is the case?

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We have the same problem - only that one of our mods mistakenly deleted a whole topic with all its posts instead of just a post - it seems like an option for undeleting is really missing. As far as I can see, deletion is final.

I skimmed the database - I was only able to find the import version of the topic and its posts in table orig_topics and orig_posts (since we only just migrated from VB4) - I copied the entries from there and it worked which saved 95% of the topics' original content.

I concur however that there should be a feature where deletion is not final until it is permanently deleted by an admin.

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I didn't realize they removed this in 4.0 but you're right it's gone.

Hiding is similar to soft delete but does not have the purge function like in 3.4 where they were hard deleted eventually.

Also there is no warning when upgrading that this change happened. Something like "There is no more soft delete, so you may want to reevaluate group delete permissions and use Hide." Granting immediate hard delete is very different. 

Discovering this by finding posts missing is not the best way.

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