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Topic navigation on mobile

Chris M Jenkins

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On the 'mobile' view of the new responsive design, you can't navigate to a specific page within a thread. This makes navigating large threads very difficult.

If you happen to enter the thread at page 1 - which I'm commonly doing now that the topic link takes you to that page rather than the most recently read page* - you can only navigate to pages 2 and 3. There is no way for you to skip to the end of the thread.

Similarly, if I wanted to get to e.g. page 10 of a 30 page thread, there is no way for me to get there other than to navigate through a page at a time.

I think there should be a) a link to the last page of the thread, and b) an input box allowing you to skip to any page in a thread you wish, like there is on tablet view. Many of my forum visitors visit from mobiles, and this is only going to increase, but at the moment this navigation issue really gets in the way of usability.

*I'm aware the topic link has always taken you to the first page on the main theme, but on the 3.x mobile theme it would take you to your most recently read post.

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