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How to get "Custom Profile Field" icons horizontally???


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okay i wanted to add icons for "Custom Profile Field" like youtube,facebook,google,PSN,XBOXetc..,but it the topic view they are vertically,one bellow other and this doesnt look very well and it took to much place.

How i could modify it ,so they will be on one line, horizontally???

Check the picture please to get an ideas of what i am talking about.




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That should be in ;

ACP > Look & Feel > Manage Skins Sets & Templates > <template in use> > Global Templates > UserInfoPane

There should be a code as ;

<foreach loop="customFields:$author['custom_fields'][ $group ] as $field">
					<if test="$field != ''">

Not sure but removing <li> and </li> may help

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