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[This site] Improve the bug tracker please


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you build a very simple bug tracker here. If you worked with others you feel not so comfortable with this article like system here (my opinion).

I'm missing some core features of a bug tracker like:

  • Choosing the software version from a dropdown (at the moment you have to add a [4.0.MYVERSION] before the title)
  • Let the customers see, in which version the bug will be or is fixed
  • Add the status assigned or in work or something like this to bugs. So everyone can see if someone is working on it (or not)
  • Add importance level like low, high or critical (or other words you like)
  • Let all options be able to filtered (so I can see which bug from version 4.0.8 are critical and not fixed as an example) - show us how powerful IP.Pages can be with this! ;)
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