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Local chat?

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I installed IPS4 and noticed the chat runs not on my server (something like ips-chat-service.com). I did not know that a core feature depends on a (from the view of my visitors and me) 3rd party server/service.

How can I run the chat on my own server only?

I try to run a very anonymously site (only strict tls connection, no server logs, no analytics, no ip logging at all...). To pass the chat traffic/content through another server is no option for me.

Best regards

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You can try with external suite just for chat, like for example arrowchat, it is the one I have installed in my forum. This is a chat you install on your server so you have the control of everything it is written on it. They have released a few days ago a new upgrade which includes integration with IPS4 so maybe it is an option for you

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