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Forums names and descriptions when you add a new language


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I have almost everything ready in my test forum to prepare the upgrade from ips3 to ips4 in my live site. But today when I include the language files "spanish" I see all my forums title and description have disapeared. Now in the index of the forum appear all my subforums like this:



I know now ips has the possibility to give a different title and description in spanish, another in english... etc But I was expecting to see when you upload a new language pack the system will keep the same title and description as default and then if you want you can change it. Is this option possible, keep the same title and description for the forums when you upload a new language pack?

I have like 100 subforums so I don't want to copy paste one by one the same title and description and worst of all, do this everytime I will add a new language pack... Thank you

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