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Dev site broken as CSS and Javascript URLs point to live site, how to rebuild the theme


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To set up a dev site I first dumped the live site database, then loaded this dump into the dev database.

Then I rsync'ed the files across from the live server to the dev server.

Finally I adjusted the "base_url" in "global_conf.php" to point to the dev server.

My dev site now kind of works, but all the CSS and Javascript are missing, so I just have white pages with plain text.

My dev server is trying to load the CSS and Javascript from the live server, but Chrome prevents this.

How to fix?

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Thanks very much for the suggestion. Unfortunately that didn't help.

I upgraded to, then ran through System > Support as you suggested.

It did a bit of processing, but my site still remains without CSS and Javascript unless I switch on designer's mode.

I did submit a support ticket, but apparently you can't help with dev/test sites, only live.



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