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Need help changing my URL

Austin Pratt

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Good Morning!




Currently, my URL bar looks like this. I would like to change it from showing the Ip to showing the domain that I purchased.


Where and how should I go about doing this? I am very new to running websites and have virtually no experience with the techy side of it. If someone can give me a step by step guide (a link if one exists, I'm sure this question has been asked before but I didn't find it when I browsed the forums) that would be great. I'd like to get my site up and running and having visitors, but I obviously can't run a forum with a naked IP like that.


Help, please?


Thank you for your time,

Austin P

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This question is best asked of your hosting provider. You will need to purchase a domain if you havent already, and then update the nameservers on that domain to point to your host nameservers. Your host will have all of the specific instructions on how to accomplish that as every host has different facilities.

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