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Help with issues after IPS 4.x uplift from v3.4.7


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Hi guys struggling in a few areas with getting to grips with IPS4 so I thought I'd ask for help from my peers :)

So far the issues I have are:

  • Commerce: In the new system when we raise a support ticket via email there seems no way to send a copy of the ticket out via email to a list of email addresses. Have I missed something or has that facility been removed?
  • Pages: In the old system system we had the option to promote posts to articles in IP.Content. That facility seems to be missing, or again am I missing the obvious somewhere?
  • Mods: Is there a tutorial somewhere on installing Mods / Hooks - if so I can't find them?

On top of that I'm looking for recommendations the Mods for IPS4 that will give the following facilities we have lost with the uplift:

  • We used to run a Mod that allowed secondary ranks (in our case subscriber badges) to be shown for a user, is there anything that will do that?
  • The biggest issue is that we used a custom portal which displayed selected articles (News & reviews) in two columns. Each segment consisted of a header, thumbnail of an image from the post and a snippet of the article text. This used a lot of code that now fails under the new forum software. So instead of spending months redesigning / coding it all it'd be more efficient to use a Mod (if one exists).

Any assistance on the above would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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