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External Database Authentication & Registration


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Exploring external Db Authentication options in IPB4. My goal to have an external Db, a members suite of apps which handles registration and non forum features.  The external Db is managed by non php code, so the "SSO" as IPB think of it via connect, is not suitable.

To prove the concept I have a super simple external Db, which IPB is correctly talking to and allowing users to log in via when they exist. 

In IPB3 there was a external registration url, where to send the user to register etc. That is to say I want the users to register via my other 'members' application, which populates the external Db, then the forums hook into that. Exploring and checking out the code and the admin panel, it looks like this has gone?

Things I've tried:

  • Disable registration on forum site, results in a error when external user signs into the forums for the first time.
  • Enable registration on forum site, results in members appearing in the forums db, not external, which is half good.
  • Various states of registration validation, again the key is the user is being created in the forum db, not externally first.

I'm not really looking to hack the templates to remove or replace registration links on a brand new platform.

Can anyone suggest something I may of overlooked?



Plan B

To write a OAUTH handler like the facebook one and to make my external app an oauth provider. It gets a bit tricky around logout though, just as logging out of forum x, does not log you out of facebook. 




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