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RSS/Atom Feeds from Facebook Link issue


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In my test install i activated the RSS/Atom Feeds from our Facebook Page and they are working ok, BUT on the post created on our forums the link of the image instead of having the proper https://www.facebook.com/groups/catfishstudygroup/permalink/815319725226232/ it has my forum link  https://www.myforumlink/groups/catfishstudygroup/permalink/815319725226232/ which is 'broken'.

Any ideas?We are on

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Yes but the link is the following:


...and IPB adds in front the board URL instead of www.facebook.com...any workaround?

​No, IPS does not add that, your browser does. That’s how relative URLs work. They shouldn’t be in the RSS feed in the first place. It’s a problem of the RSS feed generation, not the import into this software. 

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