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Joel R

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The above recently happened to me when I had multiple failures of images to an album.  


1)  As a suggestion, there should be a way for the uploader to manually CANCEL uploading.  It would have saved me more time to simply move on, and then later re-upload the missing photos than to wait for all 100 failures.    

When I clicked on "Continue" to manually bypass, I got a warning message that I still have uploads going and I need to wait.  That's absurd, when the next 100 uploads were failures.

2) When there's an error, please do NOT give me a message for EACH failed upload attempt.  I had over 100 overlays of errors at the end.  


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Joel.....you can hit the back page button on your browser (or simply close it). I've had to do it several times when the remote host stopped responding and uploads failed. As far as I can see...the images are not added to the gallery until the processing stage has begun. If you are using remote storage, the files may have indeed uploaded, but they will not be referenced by the gallery. 

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