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The hover post preview only works for topics, should work for all apps. Also please see these inconsistencies.


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  • On this site I can hover a topic title in NC or the forum and it shows the content. (correct)
  • I can't for database records in Pages (example, Bug Tracker here) and the listing in NC does not show a preview in the listing itself. Hover is needed.
  • Blogs should have it to, when the title only is shown and not the preview, like in NC >> All Activity. When going to NC >> Blogs it shows a preview automatically, but when just the title we need the hover preview. But why not keep it consistent and just show the title and add a hover preview in both areas?
  • Gallery also please (where it lists someone added an image in NC etc.), it should show the image thumb (mini size) so you don't have to click to it if you don't want. As of now you show a file name. This tells us nothing. Also please group uploads so there is not a new post for each message, causes flooding with album uploads.
  • Also when on the forum, the right column that displays the last post, it is not working there.
  • Also note the hover is showing the entire post and not preview like in 3.4. Is that by design? For long posts it is a bit cumbersome.
  • It doesn't work in My Activity, I assume because it already shows a preview in the body. But it is a very short preview and the hover shows all. So it should still work there imo. Unless you shorten it to the same length.



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