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meta_image.png not showing in Facebook posts


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When I was using 3.4.7, every time a link to my forum is posted on Facebook it will show a meta_image.png that I have designated.  Right now after upgrading to it will show something different every time depending on the exact link within the forum.  How can I get it to show a designated image like before?

The image I want is currently residing at:
should it be moved to somewhere else for 4.0?

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You need to upload the sharer image in your theme settings. It’s in the same place where you upload the logo. 

​Thanks Ralf.  That worked.  Except the links I've "tested" in Facebook (before I applied this change) are now cached and keep showing the old images.  Any idea how long before Facebook expires those cached images and fetches the new one?  :P

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