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Duplicate number of views after translation.


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I have a host version (version 4+).

I translated it to a different language. After translation something went wrong.

In forum page, under replies number, the views number is shown twice.

For example "views 35 35" (in my language). 

In English it looks OK. I don't know to find from where it take the number and why it print it twice.

I know to find the "views" translation but the number is not there... it probably takes the "views" text and "number" from a 2 different places.

You can see in this link the "views" that i talked:



Please advice.




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The problem is that you have duplicated an key...

The original phrase must be "Views %s" and you have translated as "Views %s %s" you have entered %s twice...

The way you can find which language key you must repair is under Language go to Translation Tools, then you enable "View Word Keys" then you look in your forum page what language key you must modify...



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