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Ocean West

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I like the "Moved Links" left over in the originating forums when a topic is moved, and the automatic system cleanup routine.

I would like to see this expanded to add a new notification message inline like a reply but not formatted like a reply, it need not take up a "post", with the avatar and signature of the moderator)

something like:   Some Moderator has moved this post from Original Forum.  and have it also auto delete with the system clean up routine. 

Perhaps too the notification could also have a author viewable only notification on the notice that dismisses only once the author acknowledges, or after the timer runs out.

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the value only is a 'tutor' to the poster to reinforce the fact that it was moved - so that they in hopes use better decrement - i used a 3rd party tool in the past to notify them and not sure if it was the same or a separate mod that that actually made a "reply" that it was moved but that broke the flow of information

in the past when i moved things people are like where is my post that i put here but can't find it (from the top hierarchy - after the link had expired)

the PM one was ok but just got annoying to fill my inbox with move notices.


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