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I can't find how to add video link.   Below is what I see when I pick "Post New Video" from "+ Create" drop down menu.  Can you help please?  Also some other screenshots of my settings.    Another thing, under your instructions > Post new Video, you mentioned to create on Server under Online servers, but there were already 2 servers there!  I created one anyways for external as I'm going to use external links.

 Thank you in advance


post new video.png

online servers.png

online servers setting.png


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Hi there

now i've added two videos to my server and added the video addresses and they work fine but i can only see them

i've checked all the permissions and as far as i can see its open to other members unless in missing something...

Here's what a standard member can see:-


Here's the permissions set:-


I've looked at all the settings and i'm lost on what to do now..


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2 minutes ago, Wildcard Chris said:

I'm creating my main page showing off the video categories, however if I add 1 "Customizable Video Feed" I cannot add any more to the page. I can I add more than 1 "Customizable Video Feed" to a page?


I will update it in the next version :) 

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6 hours ago, Aleksandrs Davids Sidurins said:

please add in block manager language function - tittle name of block 



I will consider your idea.

3 hours ago, Liyu said:

When you plan to start to support YouTube Live Streaming ?

I have no plan for youtute live in the near future.

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2 hours ago, Ricardo Machado said:

It is a very useful application
But I missed the search for words, not only by letter

I'm looking for a way to look like this:



and not like this:


It uses  IPS search, try to use "logan+" or "logan*" instead of "logan"

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