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Banned members not highlighted in ACP member list


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Upgraded to version 4 a few days ago.

In version 3 when you browsed the member list in the ACP any banned members were highlighted in red. In version 4 they aren't and there's no quick at a glance method as far as I can see to see who is banned and who isn't. For example my other admin person will ban someone because their member name doesn't comply with our rules. I then can see he has banned them and don't need to take any further action. Now, I have no idea whether my other admin person has done anything or not. I've got to go into the new member's profile and check. Bit of a pain on a busy forum with 30 - 40 new registrations every day and a percentage of them get banned for not complying with our various rules on member names and profile content.

Please bring back the red highlighting.

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