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last upgrade horrible


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Invalid argument supplied for foreach() 


I am geting this error when upgrade, and I can not end process.

please, invision people, what are you doing?



Do not waste your time with this thread, I am back to 3.4.8, i can not use a software so buggy.


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I´m also getting this upg_100028/upgrade.php error in line 106, when upgrade, and the worst is that the upgrade stops and you can not complete the upgrade. :cry:

I´m back at 3.4.7 and wating for a more stable version.




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I've upgraded tonight from 3.4.8 to with no issues, albeit on a test copy of my board. I am testing it several times before I finally commit.

I removed everything except;

  • .htaccess file
  • global_conf.php
  • uploads folder
  • public folder

I CHMOD'd the emoticons folder, which is found in the public folder, to 777 and recursed this change to all subfolders and files.

I had to convert the database to UTF8 using the standalone converter since the one included in the download keeps crapping out on me. The upgrade went very smoothly though.

Once the upgrade was done I deleted the public folder entirely.

You should submit a support ticket so they can examine your particular server config.  

​I agree with this.

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