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Skins by Boostbits

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Ask questions about my skins here, need a tweak? Just send me a PM! Now, most of my themes that i have uploaded have been made customly for a specific user, though since i charge very low i still own the copyright license, meaning also sell it to others. 

Hit me up on PM for a custom theme, send message in thread for comments / thoughts of existing ones. Cheers! :) 

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I hadn't intended to buy a new theme. I was waiting for some of the popular and well known designers to  update theirs since i had a free upgrade but that was taking awhile so i decided  to look elsewhere for the time being. Which led me to Boostbits and his themes.


I just have to say this guy has been awesome. He has helped me out tremendously with first trying to help me with own poor attempt of creating a theme haha and then later I purchased his transparent theme  and he spent hours tirelessly helping me customize and tweak it the way I wanted and answering my questions and dealing with my ignorance of not knowing how this work. It wasn't just asking a couple of questions and giving vague answers on how to do this or do that. It was in depth and hands on and I actually learned a lot and how to do various things on my own.

I think his skins for IPB4 are pretty amazing and I look forward to buying more of his skins as soon as he adds them to the marketplace. It's very rare to find someone who doesn't necessarily care about the money but cares more about helping out his fellow member on the site which in turns helps strengthens this community and drive IPS  to success when we have amazing designers and developers with that type of ideology and work ethic.

Thanks again Stoff and I look forward to your newest theme(Star Citizen) :D

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