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Viewing Hidden Content & Spam content.

Ocean West

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when moderators are allow to see hidden content ( in line ) that is fine because typically its minimal in their current app like VNC or in a forum or topic.

however when a person is flagged as spammer and 2 dozen items are hidden (not deleted) they still see these in their field of view on VNC and in blocks and forums

perhaps the "queue" field could be set to 3 for posts that are "SPAM" or have been flagged as spam and in the topics the "approved field" could be set to -2  these items would be hidden from the front of the site and could be seen from the ModeratorCP this will still allow for viewing other hidden content.

I know i could set the flag as spammer setting to delete all content but that just seems to be dangerous where a rogue or disgruntled moderator accidentally or intentionally flags a real member as spammer it would remove all their content with out an Undo..


I would like to see you leverage the "archive" function to move any "SPAM" content from the main tables to a "spam archive" preserving it just incase - and then say after some time period has passed auto purge contents of the "spam archive" - it would be better to move the content to another area as a buffer. Then all the other scripts wouldn't have to "exclude" spam from the general queries. 



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