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SSO with in house application


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I'm currently in the development process of a website/application. I'm using ip.board as the community forum. I want to use SSO but I'm having some trouble.

Here's a simple breakdown:

I have 2 applications, my laravel application and ip.board 4. I want the user to always log into ipboard. I will then programatically log in the user in my laravel application after ip.board makes a request to my slave. I was under the impression that this was possible with SSO by setting my laravel application as my slave and ip.board as my master. However, IP.Board will always call the ipsconnect.php file on my slave like so:


Obviously this will not work so what am I missing here? Is there no option to define a callback for the slave? something like mylaravel.app/sso? Then I can create methods in my controller which handle the requests sent by ip.board.


In other words, how can I set up the system in such a way that the user always logs in on ip.board and all user changes are always synced to my laravel application? With that I mean how I set up the callbacks. I am more than capable of programmatically logging in my own users. I don't mind creating hooks either if that's necessary. I just would like some guidance into the right direction. (that way I don't waste time on getting things set up and finding out they will not work.. like i did with my first attempt)

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