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Guests can't see new content?


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Have just found that in 4.0 guests don't have access to new content pages - try opening http://community.invisionpower.com/new-content/ in a private browsing window. This was not the case in 3.x

I'm scratching my head as to the reason for this. Obviously we can't show them 'content since last visit', but why deny an interested guest the ability to see what the active discussions over the last day have been? Or force a regular user to log in every time he or she wants to check out what's happening? I just checked my stats and 25% of visits to new content are from people who aren't logged in.

Would love to know the thinking behind this, and any pointers on a workaround. I also notice in the Feature Planner that VNC and Activity Stream are set to merge - lets hope guests are taken into account. 


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