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Bought a broken APP on Marketplace. What should I do ?


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Hello, guys. I'm not starting a riot, just want to hear opnions of what can I do.

Bought an APP on marketplace on 7th april called Google CSE Pro http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/6018-hq-google-cse-pro/ to use Google as default search in IPB 3.4.x

The app didn't work since day 1... can't get a response from the creator via email, the official topic here or personal message.

The installation instructions are pretty straightforward, no trouble here.


From you guys, anyone got a problem like these before ? What you guys did to have your money back or the app working ?

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Are u sure, it is not working (did you upload all files)? Are you running 3.4.6 or 3.4.7 ?

I have this installed, too - and it is working...

​3.4.6 here. What's yours ?

Yes, I did uploaded all the files. Just to be sure, I re-uploaded everything now. Still don't work...


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Mine works.  I can't stand the default IP.Board 3.4.7 search.  

You have options:

1. Contact IPS customer support

2.  Swallow your pride.  


Also, curious, how did you download a Marketplace file if you're not an active license holder?

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I think this should really go in the 3.4.x support forum, however, not the oen for 4 :).

As to the question: did you get a Google code as per the instructions?

Without it, it won't work. If you set up everything as intended, it will work very well indeed.

Kind regards, Wim

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